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The Circular Economy (CE), a frontier science in the battle against the climate crisis, is faced with significant challenges during practical implementation. Core issues are centralised around establishing CE knowledge, determining standards across broad applications, subjectivity of indicators and lack of universally agreed terminology to map input-process-output sequences. Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer an opportunity to address the challenge of organising complex and disordered data within CE, moving the field towards a shared understanding and unified format. Our practical, integrated CE solution will carefully balance various qualities to serve as an educator, trusted guide, and research assistant for municipality employees of different experience levels. The tool will consolidate global CE knowledge into an accessible digital solution, helping to remove friction from CE insight discovery. Our CE solution will establish a well-structured framework and guided process to enable the successful implementation of CE programs and initiatives, with AI assistance. Further integration of goal setting will also simplify selection and tracking through meaningful indicators, allowing users to accurately track and report CE progress.

Members of consortium

Applied R&D / Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP)

Phase 0

Preparation phase
Jan ’23 – Oct ’23

Tender phase

Jan ’23 – Mar ’24

Phase 1

Solution design
Apr ’24 – Aug ’24

Phase 2

Prototype development
Sep ’24 – Apr ’25

Phase 3

Implementation and testing
Mar ’25 – Mar ’26
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Supercharge (main contractor) cuts through business, tech and regulatory complexity and fuses Behaviour Science-based design and unique data & AI-focused technical competence.
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Beyondly (contractor) is a UK-based company and a B Corp certified environmental consultancy and compliance scheme.
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