CE-solution CIRRUS

As urban populations continue to grow, cities are at the forefront of addressing global sustainability challenges. Despite their critical role, cities face significant barriers including fragmented knowledge, lack of scalable solutions, and unclear circular economy (CE) definitions. Municipalities struggle to integrate CE principles into existing frameworks, while businesses encounter diverse regulatory and market challenges across Europe. This project, led by Metabolic’s sustainability expertise and Enjins’ AI capabilities, introduces Cirrus—a comprehensive, AI-enabled platform designed to assist cities in assessing their CE baseline and developing their CE mission and tailored action plans. Cirrus promotes stakeholder collaboration, holistic CE perspectives, and capacity building through targeted upskilling and engagement strategies. It leverages well established CE frameworks to guide cities from understanding to actionable implementation and collaborative approaches. By continuously learning from user data, Cirrus aspires to provide nuanced recommendations and fosters a growing repository of CE knowledge for all cities in Europe to use.

Members of consortium

Applied R&D / Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP)

Phase 0

Preparation phase
Jan ’23 – Oct ’23

Tender phase

Jan ’23 – Mar ’24

Phase 1

Solution design
Apr ’24 – Aug ’24

Phase 2

Prototype development
Sep ’24 – Apr ’25

Phase 3

Implementation and testing
Mar ’25 – Mar ’26
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Metabolic (main contractor) is a group of organizations based in Amsterdam, working to drive systems change and build a sustainable economy.
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Enjins (subcontractor) builds AI solutions to realize meaningful change, by applying a software engineering mindset to AI, ensuring we go live with our solutions.
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