About CircularPSP

CircularPSP brings together 8 leading Circular Economy (CE) cities, representing 45 million citizens, to invest €5.64 million in R&D to tackle the common challenge of accelerating the transition towards CE. The procurers represent Europe (DE, FI, TR, SE, IE, PT, SI and UK), including capitals with global influence (Berlin, Helsinki, London and Istanbul). Other cities, regions, government organisations, public procurers and projects will have the chance to liaise with consortium representatives and are incited to become part of the Follower Network. They will be informed about the timeline and next steps for the solution development, as well as opportunities to cooperate. 

The Common Challenge

Suppliers are to design, develop and test an innovative ‘circular economy solution’ (CE-solution) that enables municipalities and their staff as well as businesses in the local economy to apply circular practice more quickly, frequently, widely and effectively. Individual users at City and Business are empowered through access to information, knowledge, circular wisdom, guidance and training to act more circular more often and increasingly impactful whilst transitioning to a CE mindset. See for more detail TD2 Challenge Brief.

The problems and needs to transition to CE

Tools to improve organisational and operational performance

Data analytics using taxonomies to exploit and exchange CE information and data

Removal of language barrier to unlock EU-wide knowledge and learnings

Cities face a complex problem across four interlinked areas, each with its own needs. Suppliers are to holistically solve the Common Challenge across the interlinked areas of need as shown below:

TD2 Problem areas (from pitch deck)
TD2 Problem areas Arrows2 (from pitch deck)
TD2 Problems2 (from pitch deck)
TD2 Problem areas Arrows2 (from pitch deck)
TD2 Needs2 (from pitch deck)
TD2 CE solution5 (from pitch deck)

The CircularPSP challenge is technology neutral (i.e. any technology can be used as part of the CEsolution as long as it aids to solve the Common Challenge) and not industry specific (i.e. value chains). The Buyers Group is seeking a viable and reliable CE-solution to their Common Challenge which is to be procured and implemented in their organisations and local economy beyond the end of the project.

Funding for R&D - Pre-Commercial Procurement

The CircularPSP consortium will invest €5.64 million in R&D funding to solve above challenge. The funding will be offered as part of multi-stage pre-commercial  procurement (PCP) procedure. All interested parties are invited to participate in Open Market Consultation (OMC) Events to learn about the challenge and the process. For more detail on the PCP procedure see PCP Process