Driving Circular Economy Momentum: CircularPSP’s Impact at Procura+ Conference

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CircularPSP recently made a significant impact at the Procura+ Conference held in Portugal and organised by the City of Lisbon and ICLEI. Attendees responded positively to CircularPSP’s presentation by the project leader Georg Vogt, expressing eagerness for tangible tools to simplify their work processes.

During the conference, CircularPSP addressed the pressing need to empower individuals to scale their responses effectively. The response from attendees was overwhelmingly supportive, with a resounding consensus emerging that such tools were essential. CircularPSP expressed optimism about returning with concrete links for attendees to test, fostering hope for successful bids in the near future.

Engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders, including representatives from municipalities, research institutions, central procurers, hospitals, universities, and ministries, CircularPSP gained valuable insights from different perspectives. Notably, discussions with Dutch and Slovakian counterparts highlighted varying degrees of readiness and enthusiasm for embracing CE principles.

The European Commission contributed to the dialogue promising developments such as quarterly procurement training sessions and on-demand toolsets for Member States were discussed, indicating a growing commitment to advancing CE practices.

Joan Prummel, an international CE advisor representing the Dutch government, captivated the audience with his enthusiastic advocacy for CE principles. His emphasis on the role of “transition brokers,” underscored the importance of facilitating supply chain engagement and local community involvement. CircularPSP recognised the need to incorporate this role into their taxonomy and explore its integration into supplier practices.

Another notable revelation was the introduction of AI-supported bidding solutions for SMEs, coupled with procurer training to discern AI-generated content. This innovative approach promises to level the playing field and enhance procurement efficiency, complementing CircularPSP’s broader objectives.

Reflecting on the conference, CircularPSP identified key lessons in effective messaging, emphasising the importance of clarifying intentions to avoid misunderstandings. Moreover, navigating the complexities of AI adoption requires a nuanced approach, focusing on efficiency gains, language barriers, and the crucial role of human oversight.


In summary, CircularPSP’s presence at the Procura+ Conference underscored the growing momentum behind CE initiatives. As stakeholders continue to collaborate and innovate, the path towards a circular economy becomes increasingly tangible, with CircularPSP at the forefront of driving meaningful change.

About Procura+ Conference: For over 25 years, the Procura+ Conference has been one of ICLEI’s flagship events where sustainable, circular and innovation procurement policy meets practice, and where procurement innovations have originated. The Procura+ Conference series aims to equip participants wanting to implement high quality, cost effective, sustainable, circular and innovative procurement practices with the latest professional information, advice and networking opportunities. The Procura+ Conferences look at the role of procurement in AI; access to markets for SMEs, start-ups and social enterprises; deep tech; digitalisation; e-Procurement; life cycle costing; monitoring; professionalisation; smart cities; social responsibility and supply chain management.