CE Taxonomy Working Group Kickoff

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On the 21st of September, the Kick-off for the Circular Economy (CE) Taxonomy working group took place, jointly organised by empirica and RISE. Over 100 people registered and almost 70 dedicated attendees actively participated in the event, showcasing the commitment to contribute to a CE Taxonomy.

The working group kick-off was an educationally focused event to introduce the data-related challenges of municipalities. Attendees gained valuable insights into the principles and applications of taxonomies, contributing to a deeper understanding of their role in the CE.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the preliminary White Paper, which served as a foundational document for the working group’s objectives. The discussions provided meaningful insights for the CircularPSP consortium and inputs for the further development of the CE Taxonomy. The meeting marks the starting point for open and public contributions in the living working files on terminology and standards and on data sources.

Furthermore, the event provided a platform for matchmaking with multiple new companies entering the matchmaking platform to exchange partner queries. Interactions during the event fostered meaningful collaborations and potential consortia that are able to make a bid on the CircularPSP project. Further matchmaking and training events will follow after the tender release.

PresentationWhite paper

00:00 Welcome and Introduction
00:06:00 Taxonomy Working Group
00:11:02 CircularPSP Project
00:22:29 Issues for municipalities (White Paper)
00:46:07 Background Session
01:05:18 Co-working on CE Taxonomy
01:13:21 Matchmaking and Follower Network

The recording does not include discussions. All questions asked which relate to the upcoming tender are covered in our FAQ.