Circular Economy
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Circular Economy
Our Circular HUBs revolutionize waste management and resource use, and we believe collaboration can boost their impact. We are seeking partners and service providers in critical areas to improve our HUBs’ functioning and capabilities. To expedite the deployment of our Circular HUBs and bring their transformative impact to additional communities, we are seeking financial institutions and investment partners who share our sustainable future vision. We invite clean tech service providers to partner with us and maximize their technology in our HUBs. We seek modular construction experts to implement and scale Circular HUBs efficiently and cost-effectively across varied urban settings. Advanced data analytics and automation are needed to optimize utilization of resources and system performance. We desire partners with these skills to improve our HUBs’ intelligence and efficiency.








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Circular Economy
After creating a national circular vision in collaboration with Waternet and Rijkswaterstaat and comparing 20+ scenarios and case studies, we created a modular “Cicrular HUB” to handle anthropogenic waste. Circular HUBs effectively integrate into urban infrastructure and governance without causing disturbances at multiple scales. They provide context-specific and proven solutions that promote a symbiotic relationship among industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. These Circular HUBs have the capability to function autonomously within a single structure or as components of a network of interconnected HUBs that serve a wide variety of functions. Designing and managing Circular HUBs with a balance of technical and nature-based solutions enhances self-sufficiency and improves the economic performance, climate resilience, and biodiversity of buildings while promoting the health and well-being of the occupants. By harnessing innovative waste-to-value conversion techniques, we can transform discarded materials into marketable and sustainable commodities, fostering a circular economy that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes resource utilization.