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Circular Economy, Workflows, Knowledge Management, Training&Skills

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Circular Economy, Knowledge Management, Training&Skills
– Meeting with teams proposing projects that contribute to the circular economy and sustainability, – To cooperate in the development and implementation of innovative educational content, – To contribute to the development of Maker culture in different fields, – Development of digital production tools, – To take part in projects that develop and nurture the entrepreneurship eco-system,



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Openfab Team Manager


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Circular Economy, Workflows, Knowledge Management, Training&Skills
Özyeğin University is hosting OpenFab Istanbul, established in collaboration with the Istanbul Development Administration in 2015. Openfab is a sharing space that develops design and technology-centered trainings, workshops, and projects. It brings together more than 1500 people every year through events, contributes to academic courses, and plays an active role in the prototyping process of entrepreneurs. OPENFAB is dedicated to giving students the chance to gain hands-on experience in fabrication. The lab also enables interdisciplinary research and innovation and allows students to use it for their projects and initial prototypes. – Mentoring and prototyping support for entrepreneurs’ project processes, – Develop digital production methods and ensure their use, – Creating trainings and workshops focused on design and technology, – Create a space for interdisciplinary production, learning and sharing, For more information please contact us at