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Circular Economy
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As we already have expertise in circular economy and training and skills, we are looking for partners that will take role in the back-end and front-end related tasks of the platform that we will create together.



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Circular Economy
GTE Carbon Sustainability and Energy Consultancy, based in Ankara, Turkey, is an engineering and consultancy firm with an extensive local expertise and interdisciplinary experience in climate services, sustainability, resource efficiency and circular economy at the corporate-, industry- and city-levels. Since its establishment in 2008, GTE has developed competency in four areas: (i) Resource Efficiency and Circularity Assessments/Implementations (Cleaner Production – Industrial Symbiosis – Circular Economy) (ii) Climate Services (Mitigation and Adaptation) (iii) Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (iv) Carbon & Renewable Energy Certification. GTE has significant expertise in working with a range of clients/partners including the World Bank Group (WBG), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Commission (EC), Municipalities, Government Agencies, Private Sector, Universities and NGOs. It is also amongst firms that have highest carbon project portfolios in Turkey. It has worked with +100 institutions from different sectors (e.g., public/private institutions, NGOs) in +200 projects. In 2020, GTE has expanded it is operations to the United Kingdom and established a branch office as a new legal entity (GTE Sustainability Research Ltd.) in London.