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City Farm Systems

Circular Economy
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We need key partners who can help us showcase how to make a building more efficient by consuming Scope1&2 emissions to avoid all related Scope3 – literally a better than Net Zero solotion that consumes carbon. Why pay to grow, pack and deliver produce that data can show will be wasted. Growign to order at the point of need requires good AI and planning to unlock the benefits that can only be achieved by growing to rder atr the point of need.



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Circular Economy
We hear much about food in a circular economy but this is not possible – feeding a city is, by definition, a linear supply chain heavily reinforced by single use plastic. We offer an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to a vertical farm. Installing an automated greenhouse on a non-loadbearing surface such as the roof of a retail warehouse or hotel offers many benefits to make the building more efficient and avoid the need for a rural glasshouse to pay to create CO2 and then follow a carbon intensive supply chain to reach a building that already pays to dump the perfect environment for a greenhouse and must now dispose of vast amounts of transit only packaging we can show is not required.