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Circular Economy, Knowledge Management
We are interested in being part of a consortium that has a need for a ready software platform that can be used the project. We can adapt the platform to required language areas, make the adaptations needed and run the backend.



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(1) We offer a marketplace software platform (Action Energy Market, AEM) that is specially geared for energy, resource efficiency and circular economy needs. Our aim is to bring visibility to solutions and make buying and deployment of new solutions easier. The AEM platform can be easily adapted to different needs and language areas. (2) The platform brings together buyers and providers of solutions. Providers can add their solution to SolutionBank using an editor. Offer requests are published on the marketplace. Also formation of buying consortia (energy / resource communities) is supported. We currently operate three marketplaces that all use the Action Energy Market -platform. We also take care of running the various adaptations of the AEM -platform. See the links below to see how the platform has been adapted to different needs: Action Energy Market Finland (AEM Finland): Local buyer-provider-financing marketplace serving the Finnish energy improvement project market Action Energy Finance 24 (AEF24): Service for asset finance entities to access energy / clean infra project deal flow. Currently supporting access to green loans. Energy Market Global (AEM Global): Service that brings energy providers, buyers and asset financing entities together, offering global reach. (3) Technical specs in short: – Django-Based Technology for Scalability, Security and Flexibility – Cloud-service running on AWS – Solution Bank with AI – Customized Offer Request templates – Energy/resource community services – Financing platform – Virtual organization formation – User management & security – Various payment methods supported, including Stripe – Simple language localization and adaptation: bringing a new marketplace online is quick and easy